Chakra Clearing & Healing Meditation

“Experience A Powerful Form Of Healing Meditation
To Feel Better About Yourself
Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually!”

What is Chakra Healing Meditation?

Chakras are meeting points of the subtle energy channels. There are 7 major chakras and they govern various aspects of our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Chakra healing meditation can transform our life by clearing out and enlivening our vital energy centers. This is a powerful and effective meditation to heal ourselves on all levels of our being – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

This is a guided healing meditation directed to our subconscious mind clearing away unwanted energies, memories, karmic patterns and scars that get in the way of us relating to our real life and our ability to perceive clearly.

Complimenting with the gentle flow of sound of soft gongs and singing bowls that influence the brain waves in a positive and balancing way, it calms the nervous system, promote deep relaxation with subtle and profound healing effects.

Why is Chakra Healing Important?

When our chakras becomes blocked, damaged or muddied with residual energy, our physical and emotional health can be affected.These vital energy centers can become clogged with residues from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual traumas, both from this lifetime and from all the lifetimes we’ve ever lived in any time and dimension. This can occur as a result of negative or incomplete belief systems, habits, feelings, thoughts, fear and desires.Any build-up of residue will cause the natural flow of the chakras to be slowed down or blocked, negatively affecting all the organs and cells in the area of the body related to the chakra. This also affects our emotions, thoughts, the quality of our outlook, and wellbeing. Those who tend towards negative emotions or reactions are more prone to have completely or partially blocked chakras and many times even blown out chakras.Until we begin the process of chakra balancing and healing with chakra meditation, we can feel stuck and held back.

Our energy centres can become clogged with scars and residues from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual traumas.

How can Chakra Healing Meditation help me?

Chakra meditation accomplishes many things at once: chakra clearing, chakra cleansing, chakra healing, and chakra balancing. All of these lead to an awakening into the truth of who we are.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the benefits this form of meditation brings.

  • Effective in removing unwanted energies, amplify existing positive energy and bringing in new rejuvenating strengthening energies.
  • Chakra healing results in greater self-compassion and self-love, which are both absolutely required for a true and permanent healing of any kind.
  • You become in touch with your feelings and creativity, you access your personal power, you are open to express yourself and communicate freely.
  • You realize abundance in loving relationships, you are able to fully give and receive love.
  • Bringing more light into your being with chakra healing meditation also opens and strengthens a more conscious connection and alignment with well-being.
  • You become connected to your highest self and feel an internal harmony.

Chakra Clearing & Healing Meditation

Date :Every 1st and 3rd Thursday| Time : 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Where : 37 Tembeling Road S423580 (near Joo Chiat Place)

From September 2016

Date :Every 1st and 3rd Thursday| Time : 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Where :38 Petain Road S208103 (5 mins walk from Farrer Park MRT)

Date:Every 2nd and 4th Thursday| Time : 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Where : 37 Tembeling Road S423580 (near Joo Chiat Place, Nearest MRT Paya Lebar)

Energy Exchange: S$40 or Package of 10 sessions for $300 

What Clients Say…

When the stresses of life’s rat race get to me, I try meditating to keep calm and clear my mind. But it would never work because whenever I close my eyes, all I’d get were distractions from issues in my daily life just popping into my head. It felt like I was running at top speed at the same spot and getting nowhere.

Having chanced upon Shirley’s Chakra Clearing and Healing meditation session online, I decided to give it a shot and go with an open heart and open mind and give it a shot to see if I could clear my mind and hear the message. I really didn’t know what to expect because I’ve never even heard of chakra clearing before that.

That very first session, changed my life. Throughout the session my mind was crystal clear, and as she went through each individual chakra, I could feel bad energy being released. It was very amazing. When the session ended, I felt like I had just woken up from the best sleep of my life! I felt so light and refreshed!

I personally benefitted immensely from Shirley’s Chakra clearing and healing session and I’ve recommended her sessions to all my friends! Many of whom has given me very positive feedback!

– J.S (Yoga Instructor, Singapore)


Chakra meditation sessions are a part of my life now. It is effortless as you just relax during the session, while the work is being done. There are always different lessons to take away during each session , depending on what the message is, for me, at that time.

I have noticed a surge in my energy level, even when I sleep less these days.  I find myself getting more positive, and being able to keep my anger at bay.

I’ll definitely continue with my  regular dosage of ‘medication’ via the chakra clearing meditation class. I can’t wait for more sessions within a month!

– E.L (Business Development Manager, Singapore)


After attending a few sessions of the Chakra Clearing and Healing meditation, I have seen a transformation in myself and I feel that I am now able to manage stress and tackle work/personal challenges more effectively.  My initial objective of attending this meditation was to introduce more calm and peace to my inner self, not expecting too much from the clearing and healing part.  However after going through the sessions, I discovered that this unique energy actually unearthed lots of our own issues which we chose to forget or let them go unnoticed.  After the clearing and healing process, I feel that I have a clearer mind and became more positive physically and mentally.  This meditation is definitely worth a try and it’s important not to let your ‘dis-ease’ close the gap to become a ‘disease’.  Thank you Shirley for introducing this great meditation!

Wang S C (Business Support Executive, Singapore)